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Skin in the Game

We were all born with “skin in the game”, both literally and figuratively. And with that skin in the game, we were given the free will to care for the literal “skin in the game” and the responsibility to exercise the figurative “skin in the game”. Despite the varying...

Pork Porn; Names Please!

Nonsense & Common Sense From Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo March 29th, 2020 interview with Senator John Kennedy, R-LA First, the Nonsense BARTIROMO: And we are back with Louisiana Senator John Kennedy. And, Senator, we're talking about what is in...

Misleading Metrics

The media has been clamoring for it, and now the politicians are focusing on it.  Jobs, jobs, jobs.  Yikes, hold onto your wallets.  The gang(s) that can’t shoot straight are off on another hunting expedition.  One thing you can be sure of, they...



We were all born with “skin in the game”, both literally and figuratively.  And with that skin in the game, we were given the free will to care for the literal and the responsibility to impact the figurative.  This book is about five areas where we all have “skin in the game” and in which, together we can have an impact: Citizenship, National Service, Fair Taxes, The Public’s Education, and Crony Capitalism.


IYB is about is all about “getting results through people”.  The job of the manager is different from all other jobs.  The engineer, cook or accountant are all expected to get results directly from their own efforts.  The manager’s work is different because the manager is expected to “get results through people”.

Non$ense & Common$ense

Commenting on the heroism of the men who fought the battle on Iwo Jima in World War II, Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz remarked, “Uncommon valor was a common virtue”.

Unfortunately, in today’s world it seems that common sense has become an uncommon virtue.  Non$ense and Common$ense is dedicated to exposing the everyday contradictions in public discourse that if left unchecked will erode the independence that so many sacrificed so much to achieve.

406 cLUB

The 406 Club honors the American way of life, the individuals that make it possible, the families that perpetuate it and the Patriots who serve to protect it. Often heroes without headlines, but these are stories that should not be forgotten and that will inspire all of us to do the right thing at the right time.


Joe began his business career in 1972 following five years of service as a Marine Corps aviator. Founding his first business in 1978, Mr. Driscoll’s entrepreneurial career then spanned the next 40 years before recently retiring as Chairman and Chief Executive of both the Lansmont Corporation and Team Corporation.