Compassion, Equity, Appreciation and Perspective

Written by Joe Driscoll

April 9, 2020

Compassion, Equity, Appreciation and Perspective.

I am in favor of all of the above, how about you?

Senate Democrats propose $25,000 hazard-pay plan for essential workers during the COVID-19 crisis.

Military servicemembers performing hazardous duties such as flight duty, parachute jumping, demolition of explosives, handle toxic fuels, engage in flight deck duty or experimental stress duty earn an extra $150 per month.

The September 11th Victim Compensation Fund of 2001, created by Congress, distributed $7 billion to survivors and victims’ families. There have been 2,983 families that received an average of just over $2 million tax-free per claim. In addition, 2,300 physically injured or those who suffered from respiratory problems cleaning up the World Trade Center were each awarded $400,000 tax-free, on average.

The military “death gratuity” is a lump sum $12,420 non-taxable gratuitous payment made by the military to eligible beneficiaries of a member who dies on Active Duty (AD). For those whose death is as a result of hostile actions and occurred in a designated combat operation or combat zone  the payment is $100,000.

Despite their boasts, Presidents, regardless of the political affiliation or era, don’t create jobs.  Entrepreneurs and investors do.

CEO’s don’t build businesses, they lead and manage them while employees build them.

The Defense Budget doesn’t provide for the common defense; soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines do.



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